This page is hidden from the MQS teachers as it allows our AE volunteers to get ahead and prepare the workshops.

Lecture 1 - Monday 27th July - Beth Fuller on 'IB Lesson Planning'


Lecture 2 - Tuesday 28th July - Maurice Walters on 'Assessment for Learning'
Lecture 3 - Wednesday 29th July
1. Harriet Speed on 'Teaching English Grammar in MYP'
2. Tom Barfield on 'Reading Culture in PYP'
Lecture 4 - Thursday 30th July - Alexa Minett on 'Trans- and Interdisciplinary Planning in the IB'
Lecture 5 - Sunday, 2nd August - Maurice Walters on 'Remote Learning'
Lecture 6 - Monday, 3rd August - Louise Shelley on 'Pastoral Care'

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