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Day 5, Sunday 2nd August

We hope you have all had a lovely weekend. Welcome to our second week!


We will be discussion Mr Maurice's lecture on remote learning in our workshops today.

We hope that everyone has had the chance to watch it over Friday and Saturday. If not it is here again:


Please use this time to reflect on how online learning has worked for you over the last term. What was successful? What challenges remain? If you have to continue in online teaching, what will you do differently this time?

If it would be useful, do use this online course as an example. We would like everyone to contribute to the workshop to follow.


Workshop in groups. Details are below.


For your curriculum planning, you will have been emailed targets or instructions by your volunteers last week. Some of you will be continuing your work with them, some of you will be working indepenedently.

PYP - you will be emailed instructions by Miss Joanna

MYP - on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, you will be asked to take either Dr Helen or Mr Tom through one of your lesson plans and units of work. You will be emailed a timetable for this on Monday.

Potential New Teachers - you will be working with Mr Tom in your usual group


EAL - by arrangement


Most of you should have been contacted by your mentors by this point, arranging to meet on Zoom for a discussion. If you have not, please let Tom know.

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