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Day 2 - Tuesday, 28th July


9:00am (or before):


Please watch this video, making notes and exploring the resources:

Remember that if we speak too fast, you can slow the speed in 'Settings'.


You will move into your workshop groups on Zoom to discuss the video. Details are in the spreadsheet below and the links have been sent to you on email by your workshop leader. If you have not received the Zoom link by Monday morning, please email Tom.

For the workshops, you will be working on the two documents on the right. Please have a look at them in advance.


You will move into your curriculum planning groups. Details will have been sent on email.

n/a - this means that we do not have a volunteer who has the appropriate knowledge for your subject. We are working on this and hope to provide some support soon. In the meantime, please use this time to work on your planning.

Your unit planning volunteers will email you directly with the Zoom link.


Those of you with English Language training will have been emailed directly.

Examples for the workshops:

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