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The 2020 Summer Programme is now over; however, we are always looking for further support and for teachers willing to take up mentoring roles (please see below).
Please use the contact page to register your interest.

The MQS 2020 Summer Programme - now closed

Last July, we took five British teachers to Ankawa, Iraq, to run a three-week training course for the staff of Mar Qardakh School. We had hoped to repeat this experience this year, but the current situation has prevented it.

Instead, we are going to run a ten day training course online. The object of the course is to provide professional development for those teachers who are already teaching at the school, act as a brief introduction to those who are starting their careers and to be an online resource for teachers more widely within Ankawa and Northern Iraq.

We are looking for three types of contribution:

  1. Guest lectures and seminars: a pre-recorded lecture of up to an hour on one of the suggested topics, with a follow-up 40 minute seminar lesson plan to be delivered either by the guest lecturer or AE Staff (via Zoom). This would not require you to be available on the dates of the summer school as it could all be pre-delivered. Possible topics are included below.

  2. Tutors: we are looking for experienced teachers who would be willing to commit to several days of the summer school to work with the teachers on developing their units of work. Familiarity with the IB would be highly useful here, but not essential, and we can provide you with some brief training to help decode the IB’s jargon.

  3. Mentors: if you would like to volunteer for a more free-form discussion with one of the teachers, we can arrange a Zoom call for during the programme with someone who would fit your expertise.


The summer school runs from Sunday 26th July  to Thursday 6th August (Friday and Saturday are the weekend). The classes begin with a pre-recorded lecture at 7am (UK time), with interaction beginning from 8am and the whole day finishing at 11am. The curriculum development sessions run from 9:00-9:50am, with extension time available for an hour at 10am if requested.


Please do not feel that you need to commit to the whole two weeks; if you are interested in any element of it then please don't hesitate to get in touch. The programme only runs thanks to UK teachers and we are grateful for all and any input.

Possible Topics:


Classroom Management – Establishing a calm, creative and respectful atmosphere; Managing poor behaviour; How to re-engage the disengaged; The attractive classroom;

Learning – Inquiry Learning Refresher; How to plan for progression; Differentiation in the classroom; Assessment – what, when and how;


Assessment – using feedback; Using homework effectively;


Cross-curricular – Planning transdisciplinary units of work; Developing reading in the curriculum; Planning for transition between years;


Online Learning – Developing useful interaction online; How to plan an online lesson.






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