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Day 6, Monday 3rd August

Day 6. Pastoral Care



Today's lecture is on a powerpoint presentation which can be viewed via the icon on this page. Once opened if you play in presentation mode the presentation will run through with Louise talking you through the presentation. 


Workshop in groups. Details are below.


For your curriculum planning, you will have been emailed targets or instructions by your volunteers last week. Some of you will be continuing your work with them, some of you will be working independently.

PYP - you will be emailed instructions by Miss Joanna

MYP - on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, you will be asked to take either Dr Helen or Mr Tom through one of your lesson plans and units of work. You will be emailed a timetable for this on Monday.

Potential New Teachers - you will be working with Mr Tom in your usual group




Please complete the EAL assignment below before Monday evening:

You were teaching a normal class today. One boy, without warning, picked up a chair and threw it at another child. The other child was not hurt. 

Write an email to the parents which describes the incident and explains the school's response.

Please write your letter/email here:


Most of you should have been contacted by your mentors by this point, arranging to meet on Zoom for a discussion. If you have not, please let Tom know.

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